Thursday, December 01, 2011

Today is a new day.

Today is a new day a bright n' warm day in Houston that I can not trade it for anything.
I know someone in East coast will trade to get this weather just abt now with the low temperature they are experiencing out there.
Winter is a seaon that comes with more than we can handle if ur a party person.It's that time of the year when holiday season is in full swing from copperate party,house party,Thanksgiving,Hanukkah,Chrismas&New year.This is the season when families get together to celebrate n' be tahnkful for what the year has brough in n' even taken away from them.
Why not take this moment today to cherishe those moment when dark comes in early,the temperature drops n' the holiday commericial come on tv after every 4min to remind you it's the holiday season.Take a moment today n' call that friend just to say hi,take children to see the Christmas lights.Have a wonderful day.

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